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Inktober Day 5 by SmitchArt
Mature content
Inktober Day 5 :iconsmitchart:SmitchArt 0 0
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Inktober Day 5
Oh my goodness, I have to say, I came out extremely happy with this one. Although it is naked, I shadowed over its 'parts', but I marked it as "Mature Content" anyway. The theme "long" was so hard to convey in a drawing like this, so I just tried to make his limbs, toes, fingers, and tongue very long. I came out happy with it.. And it doesn't have a name either, so at school, when anyone asked to see, and then asked what it was, I just called it 'my ugly zombie albino thing'.. Yeah, it was awkward to tell people this, but oh well. They all thought it was pretty awesome. #inktober2017 !! Greyscale Brush Pens, XL CANSON Mix Media sketchbook.
Inktober Day 4
Alright, I've got to be honest, I didn't like this one so much. I've never drawn anything underwater themed, so I just drew this little guy, and of course, he's being bitten my electric eels.. Hah. The idea is really stupid. Anyway, I got this uploaded a day late due to being caught up in a bunch of homework and things.. (Yes, I go to school. Oooh. Amazing.) But, I guess it came out alright. #inktober2017 :) Greyscale Brush Pens, XL CANSON Mix Media sketchbook.
Inktober Day 3
Day 3 of Inktober. This one is simply a drunken gypsy, surrounded by poisons, rums, and whiskeys. I thought it'd be a really funny idea, conveying that alcohol is a type of poison, in some way. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. #inktober2017Greyscale Brush Pens, XL CANSON Mix Media sketchbook.

Inktober Day 2
Woo-hoo! Second ever Inktober entry. I'm really excited for the whole rest of the month. This is turning out to be so much fun. Since today's theme was "Divided", I decided to do half demon, half angel. I came out so happy with this one! I definitely see room for improvement on the wings, but overall, this is amazing for what I've been doing lately. This year has been my most progressive year in the art world. Let me know what you guys think! #inktober2017Greyscale Brush Pens, XL CANSON Mix Media sketchbook.
Inktober Day 1
This is my first time doing Inktober, if anyone knows what it is. I thought it was super cool, and I really enjoyed drawing this! Give me your opinions on it :) #Inktober2017, 1. Swift! Greyscale Brush Pens, XL CANSON Mix Media sketchbook.
    So, I've had plenty of friends and people who come across me in games and such that recognize me ask me why it is I've named myself "SmitchArt" here. It's an old name, and actually a long story. I decided I'd share my story with you here. So let's get right into it.
    A year or two back, when I had just gotten into redeveloping my animal art style, I made several different characters which I still own, but hardly draw. There was Revill (First art ever uploaded! "Revill the Hyena".), Half (I drew him too! "Half - Neon Gore". Check it out!), Smitch, and plenty others I forgot the name of. I'll search my old sketchbooks later on to try and find that out. So, Smitch was one of my favorite of all my characters, and I drew him a few times. He was the character I was into at the time. I'm not really sure what Smitch ever was, maybe a wolf of some type. He looked so weird, but I liked him. A lot. Smitch is some sort of punk-rock steampunk type character. He wears a spiked necklace and bevel-studded bracelets on his ankles and tail along with a pair of funky goggles. For the most part, I forgot about him later on. But when I went to make a Deviant Art account, I decided to go back to him and name myself after him. Since I'm an artist, I thought it would, for some reason, be brilliant to put "Art" after "Smitch". Yeah. That's really it, so I named myself "SmitchArt". For a little while I hated the name, and wanted to change it, and saw that I couldn't change without Core. So I wanted to switch accounts. At this point, I just don't mind, and think it would really bring those memories back. It's not like it's something stupid, like "TheSparkleKitty557923" or whatever (I made that up right on the spot, so I apologize if anyone is named anything similar. I don't mean if offensively, I was just trying to be funny.). 
    That's my story. Anyways, some additional information.. I apologize greatly for not uploading pretty much any art lately, my Wacom isn't syncing with my computer correctly. I'll have it back up as soon as possible. When I do get it up, I think I'm going to start by drawing a lot of my old characters, like Smitch. I'm not sure what else any of you are curious to see on my page, just let me know in the comments. Don't be afraid, I promise I don't bite. If you want art done, I would be more than glad. I'm honestly bored often, I have no ideas. Thank you for checking out my story, and thanks to my current 6 watchers. It means a lot, although it isn't many people. Hah! O~Q``


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United States
Hey ya'll out there, it's Smifu here c;
My DeviantArt page will feature digital art of animals, humans, and furries! I can't wait to see in the future if I'll ever get better at art .o. -Smifu


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